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Why are we so selective?

It is not enough anymore just to say an establishment is "gay-friendly". The market wants more! LGBT bookers seek the reassurance that your staff understands their travel concerns and how to meet them.

Every customer has their own subjective interpretation of what "gay-friendly" means, and each is valid. World Rainbow Hotels aims to give hotels all the right tools to make these criteria as least subjective as possible.

WRH Acceptance Criteria

Only carefully selected hotels are been approved into the program based on World Rainbow Hotels’ acceptance criteria, which analyzes:  

  • Hotel’s location
  • Hotel’s characteristics and category (min 3* properties)
  • Hotel’s knowledge of local gay-scene
  • Hotel’s current involvement with the GLBT community
  • Hotel’s compliance with non-discrimination policies and same sex benefits to their staff

OUT & ABOUT Travel Guides

Out & About gay travel guides

We believe that providing the right information and support to your Concierge and Front Desk Agents is crucial to increase your team's awareness in dealing with requests and situations that they might otherwise not be familiar with. LGBT clients will feel this natural confidence, and therefore feel more welcome at your hotel.

All member hotels are required to put together an Out & About guide, providing World Rainbow Hotel bookers with up-to-date information about the local gay and lesbian scene.

Examples of Out & About



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