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Lesbian and Gay Friendly Hotels in South Africa

South Africa is certainly going all out to prove its rainbow status, not only does it have a committed gay travel tourism marketing campaign, but it was the first country in Africa to legalise same-sex marriage – and was only the fifth worldwide to do so.

While there is still some deep hostility to homosexuality major urban areas are becoming more accepting and here you will find a thriving gay nightlife, especially in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Sandton and Nelsprut. In Cape Town The Bronx is one of the longest serving gay bars. Cape Town Pride waved its pink flag proudly in 2011 celebrating its 10th anniversary, which is held annually between February and March.

Every October and November Cape Town turns down the lights for the annual Out in Africa Film Festival. The Pink Loerie in the enchanting Garden Route is one of the most vibrant Mardi Gras events in the South African calendar, often towards the end of April.

This is a multi-stop destination where you can take in the vibrant flow of Victoria Falls, enjoy long warm evenings in Kruger National Park, and explore deep tangled forests on the Garden Route. There are a number of gay tour operators that can help you explore some of the extraordinary sights of the country like Cape Wine Lands, Sun City or a safari in Madikwe or Mpumalanga.


Johannesburg from only $293 Info per night

Nightlife in Johannesburg is lively and dynamic. From shebeens, pubs and cocktail lounges to clubs, the city has something for everyone. South Africa in 1996 was the first country to adopt a constitution that protects people from discrimination based on sexual orientation. Partly as a result, the country has the most open gay community on the continent.

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