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Denmark Gay and Lesbian Travel and Hotels

Part of Scandinavia on the tip of Germany, Denmark is comprised of over 400 islands and it’s Capital – Copenhagen, is just across the waters from Sweden. This incredibly open and relaxed country decriminalised same-sex sexual activity in 1993 and was the first country in the world to legalise same-sex unions in 1989.

Gay life is integrated into the Danish society and there’s not so much a specific district for gay nightlife.

Copenhagen Pride is in August every year and it’s MIX Copenhagen Film Festival is annually in October, the city also hosts regular Scandinavian Bear Events called BearAwareParties hosted 2 – 3 times a month, or look out for a Johnnie Rocco Event, often highly outrageous and naughty. Alternatively the Light Visions Festival in October can be a much tamer option.

Denmark has a mix of large cities and countryside where you can explore vast areas of green landscape, historic castles and monumental palaces. Visit the largest-remaining Viking burial site at the city of Alborg, relax in one of the world’s best-known beers at the Carlsberg Brewery, or learn how to play Kayak Polo.

Denmark can be an expensive country with a 25% sales tax, visitors from outside EU/Scandinavia can get some of the tax refunded when leaving the country. 


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