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Lesbian and Gay Travel and Hotels in Finland

Finland decriminalised homosexuality in 1971 and legalised same-sex relationships in 2002, and is the home to the infamous artist Tom In Finland who created over 3,500 illustrations, some of the most influential gay cultural images of the 20th Century.

To catch the nightlife, events and entertainment head to the capital – Helsinki. The Kallio district is regarded as the area of the gaborhood, with a thriving nightlife of bars, clubs and pubs. Helsinki’s Annual Pride is a weeklong event held in July attracting over 19,000 people and its Vinokino Film Festival is scheduled in the autumn,

Most Finnish people speak English, and it was the Finish that created the Sauna, the country has over 1.5 million sauna, one for every three persons in the country.  Finland doesn’t have a large population, in fact outside of the cities Helsinki, Turku and Tampere everywhere is relatively quiet. However go at the right time and you might get to say a quick hello to Father Christmas by stopping in Lapland, take in the Northern Lights or enjoy 24-hour daylight.

While the cities can be great weekend escapes, in the rest of Finland you can marvel at spectacular scenery and engage in winter or water sports. Whether its summer on the fresh water lakes or the depths of winter on snow covered mountaintops the Finnish like to ski.

If you’re truly looking for that unique Finnish experience, photograph a moose, eat reindeer, or sleep in an Ice hotel.


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