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Lesbian and Gay Friendly Hotels in Norway

The country of Norway is one of the most progressive when it comes to gay equal rights with full marriage and adoption rights. It was the first country in the world to introduce a law to prevent discrimination against homosexuals in 1981. However the country’s small population of just over 4.5million means the gay scenes are not as large as most European cities.

Both Oslo and Bergen cities have lively and vibrant gay scenes. The capital is home to Norway’s most famous gay bar, the London Pub & Club. Every March Norway hosts its Raballder Cup for gay and lesbian athletes to compete in Floorball, Handball and Volleyball. Stavanger Pride in August/September, The Bergen Gay Pride in May, and Oslo Pride Week in June.

Far north in Europe Norway is a cold country that can offer some of the most extraordinary landscapes in the world. See the midnight sun 24-hours a day during June and July in the Lofoten Islands, or explore over 432 sq kilometres of the Ajostedal Glacier National Park, or discover the waterfalls and cliffs of the Geiranderfjord. If you’re into winter sports head to the mountains for Scandinavian Ski Pride held every April.

Norway is the perfect place to experience the Northern Lights, go Whale Watching, or simply just to take life a little easier.


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