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Gay and Lesbian Travel and Hotels in Romania


Romania decriminalised same-sex sexual activity in 1996 and while it has bans on all anti-gay discrimination it has little further visibility of gay people, largely due to socially conservative views.

It is still difficult for gay people in Romania to be open about their sexuality with many living relatively discreet lives. Go beyond the capital city of Bucharest and into the large countryside and you will find there is a much more conservative mentality, especially among the gypsy community.

The first ever Gay Fest was held in Bucharest in 2004 putting the city on the map as a gay and lesbian destination for people in Romania and across Europe. Bucharest’s gay pride is now held annually in May/June. Impact is the city’s most popular gay dance club followed by Purple and Queen’s Club.

As a tourist, vampire chasing in the Transylvania casters is often the most popular activity, but once done with that there is plenty more to see. Romania has rich landscapes and a varied history with excellent options for camping and hiking, skiing in the Carpathian Mountains that are still the home of brown bears, wolves and lynxes. Alternatively enjoy the wine regions of Tarnave, Cotnari, Murfatlar or Dealu Mare.

Romania only joined the European Union officially in 2007 and is currently experiencing its best growth times than at any other point in history.


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