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Houston Hotels by Style



Lesbian and Gay Friendly Hotels in Houston

Mention Houston, Texas comes to mind and the red-neck Republican south, however Houston is a growing metropolitan city with a thriving gay scene, in fact it is becoming so successful it is challenging New York and California for events, bars, clubs and all round gay entertainment. The city appointed its first openly gay mayor in 2009 making Texas the first state to have a homosexual in such a high elected position.

The weather is welcoming most the year, visit to enjoy plenty of eye-candy in the hot and steamy summer months. Houston Gay Pride is on the last Saturday in June staged since 1997 to commemorate Stonewall, there has been a gay scene here for more than 33 years.

Montrose is the gaborhood with a wealth of gay businesses, nightlife and residences, located west-Central Houston with its own distinct character with locals being a mix of artists, students, musicians and actors. JRs is the fundamental meeting melting pot popular with the locals and tourists alike serving strip shows and karaoke nights. Head later to South Beach for the cities number one gay dance club now beginning to attract a mixed crown for its popularity. Other popular bars include Ripcord – the premier leather bar, and TCs a lively drag show venue.

If you like to stare up at the stars then check out the home of NASA astronaut corps at the Johnson Space Center to experience being near weightless. If you fancy your cowboys head to a real rodeo show, or if you like music and food then head for Bayou Place.

Houston is a mix of great nightlife and Deep South USA heritage in an excellent climate.


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