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Gay and Lesbian Travel in Australia and the Pacific

Although Australia and its colourful gay life may take up a large geographical landmass area of the Australasian continent, not all countries have such a liberal attitude to homosexuality. In Samoa, Tonga, Nauru among others homosexuality is illegal and punishable, it’s largely the (former) colonies of other countries (France, United Kingdom and USA) where there is a relaxed tolerance of gay people.

New Zealand may have a small population yet it is open and liberal and has a very visible gay scene with pride events in Christchurch and Auckland, as well as a Gay Ski Week in Queenstown. Australia home to the world-renowned Sydney Mardi Gras and Alice IS Wonderland Festival is a popular gay destination with a wealth of landscapes, habitats and mega cities to enjoy.

Papeete is a popular people-watching city, Papua New Guinea can be dangerous, and Noumea with wonderful beaches and colonial towns is emerging as a new tourist spot.

Visit the lagoon of Bora Bora, white beaches of the Coral Coast, the tropical islands of Aitutaki or the most amazing Great Barrier Reef. On this continent you can feel a million miles away from anywhere.

Oceania has a diverse range of beautiful scenes with mountains, rainforests, thousands of islands, deserts and simply put, a paradise that is only found in dreams.



Australia’s second largest city, after Sydney, Melbourne is considered the cultural capital of Australia boasting a multicultural feel, and overflowing with a variety of interesting public art and cultural festivals.


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Sydney, a world class LGBT scene, outrageous beaches, incredible shopping, hip restaurants and bars... what more do you need?

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