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Lesbian and Gay Friendly Travel Brazil

Brazil is a vibrant fun-loving country that will welcome you with open arms, huge parties and an infectious carnival culture. The best time to go is between October and March, experience the internationally renowned phenomenon that is Rio de Janeiro carnival in February. With events spread across the city, at this time Ipanema is the place to be – with a beach of toned bronzed bodies and wild night street parties.

Brazil is also home to the biggest gay pride in the world with over 4 million people every June in Sao Paolo. Gay rights have currently been extended as far as civil unions and adoption, yet with unions being converted to full marriage by the court same-sex marriage is expected to pass soon.

The rising star of gay destinations in Brazil is Florianopolis. More popular every year with gay tourists, originally fashionable with South American visitor it is now becoming an international favorite. Its annual Carnaval has the buzz of any Brazilian event plus a beauty contest for drag queens.

Brazil has so much to offer, the magnificent rainforests and the Amazon River, large white sandy beaches with a warm clear sea, spectacular waterfalls at Iguazu Falls, preserved colonial towns like Ouro Preto, Pantanal one of the world’s largest wetland and Christ the Redeemer overlooking Rio de Janeiro on Corcovado mountain.

Brazil smacks a punch for experience and memories. 


Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo boasts one of the largest gay scenes in Brazil.

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