Europe is the most open continent for LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance of same-sex relationships with not one country making it a criminal offence. Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and the Netherlands all recognize same-sex marriage and many countries recognize same-sex relationships and have specific protection laws in place to prevent anti-gay discrimination.

While some parts of Europe are still a little hostile towards gay people, the European Union has gone a long way in recent years to ensure the whole continent subscribes to the same doctrine.

Pride festivals in Europe are usually during the summer months of May to September, though to avoid clashes, some cities are introducing Pride festivals during the winter months. You can follow EuroPride that takes place in a different city in the first week of July every year.

In most instances the gay nightlife is very easy to find and there is a gaborhood in most cities including Soho of London, Chueca of Madrid, Sconeberg of Berlin. While the further south and East you head research is a must and many gay bars will be hidden in dark alleyways, behind closed doors where you may need to ring a bell for entry.

There is a wealth of cultures, languages and landscapes to experience in Europe, starting in the major international cities of Barcelona, Berlin, Rome, or emerging Eastern destinations of Prague, Warsaw and Budapest. Whether you’re interested in architecture (Eiffel Tower), Ancient History (Coliseum), Sport (skiing in the Alps), Culture (Germany’s Oktober Fest), or Beaches (Agean Sea) there’s something in Europe for everyone.