In Austria there’s a great story about a gay prince who freed Vienna from a Turkish occupancy and saw the return of the Ottomans back to the Balkans. And from here there are many tales of gay men in Austria’s wealthy history but Civil partnerships were only introduced in 2010, the same year the country issued the world’s first gay pride postal stamp.

The gay nightlife is thriving in Vienna and there’s something to do every evening of the week. One of the popular gay venues is Café Willendorf housed in the pink Rosa Lila Villa, or Café Berg which is described as Vienna’s leading gay bar. Among cafes, eateries and dance clubs are an array of fetish bars including leather-bar Lo:sch. Salzburg is not quite as open as Vienna but it does have a handful of gay bars including Mexx, Diva Barand and HOSI’s pub.

The city is famous for its annual events and there’s no shortage of them for the gay calendar – Rosenball is the classic Viennese ball but an upbeat dance alternative, the Rainbow Parade (it’s annual gay pride) is in its 15th year held and the Kreativball has become a sell out in recent years – all of these are held in February. It is also a melting pot for fetishes with the annual Vienna Bear Congress and Vienna in Black leather fetish event. There’s certainly something for varied tastes in Austria’s’ premier city. Austria has a lot to offer the multi-stop tourist, head to Salzburg for Mozart’s house, spend the day exploring Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna, navigate the old town of Innsbruck, or visit Graz for Landhaus. Or take yourself into the countryside and explore Salzkammergut the Lake District of Austria or the snow slopes in the Alps.