Even though Athens is the capital city of Greece it’s not the most open when it comes to homosexuality, compared to the islands of Mykonos or Lesbos. In the days of the ancient Greeks it was common to see two men walking together arm in arm with a thriving gay culture throughout the country.

However Athens is now the location that is the center of gay life throughout the year. The first gay bar opened in Athens in 1976 and the city has become the highest concentration of gay bars in the country. Its gay district located in the busy nightlife of Gazi has been growing and becoming more visible in recent years – especially with its annual gay pride in June becoming stronger every year. Blue Train Café is a popular meeting place, its rooftop terrace overlooking the main plaza of Gazi is an excellent place to people watch before moving on to one of the dance clubs – Kazarma or Fou club. The nightlife starts about 11.30pm and continues until around 4am.

Athens is a stunning landscape to sit and admire, especially from a rooftop terrace or from the top of the Parthenon, Acropolis. Although the sheer heat in July and August can be a bit much, visiting either side of these summer months make the city an excellent place to explore. The wealth of top spots and historic buildings to walk around including the Agora the marketplace, the Temple of Zeus, Theater of Dionysos, and a wealth of museums make it difficult for to be lost for something to do. Athens is the home of the original Olympic games and first modern OIympics in 1896 so the sporting history here is phenomenal.