Like the rest of Italy Milan holds many conservative values but its international status means its atmosphere is more tolerant and liberal. This means that gay nightlife in Milan is thriving and there are plenty of gay events. The city’s largest and most popular gay clubs are After Line and Nuovo Idea with a mostly male but mixed crowd with a mix of music and styles. Lelephant is a popular venue especially for young groups who like a relaxed atmosphere and there’s plenty of cruise spots in the City. There’s no specific gay district but most of the gay bars and clubs can be found to the North-East of the center.

Milan hosts its gay pride every June, staged for over 15 years growing every year and has the Milan Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in May. Milan is not short of events especially related to fashion, food and wine, it’s just making the choice that can be the challenge. Renowned as the fashion capital, Milan has a vibrant and cosmopolitan population and is home to Da Vinci’s Last Supper, La Scala – one of Italy’s top historic opera houses, and the Cathedral of Milan which took over 500 years to complete with over 3,200 statues. Whether you like history, shopping or to party Milan has it all.