The tiny tropical island of Curacao will take your breath away! The Dutch Caribbean island found a new life as one of the Caribbean’s most gay-friendly vacation places. Stretching some 40 miles (64km) with Aruba to the west and Bonaire to the east. The entire historic port city of Willemstad centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site, its the oldest and most famous architectural strip with brightly painted coloured row of buildings along Handelskade Street, in the Punda neighbourhood. It’s a magical old world European city constructed by the Dutch.

The Queen Emma Bridge, built in 1888 is a marvel in engineering. It’s supported by 16 pontoon boats that allow the bridge to swing open and give ships access to the city’s port. Locals affectionately call It the “Swinging Old Lady” – try your hardest not to tag a few friends on facebook to this picture!

This tropical island boasts an eclectic mix of history and culture, which has served to create a Caribbean experience unlike any other. Also known for its eco-tourism and pristine diving conditions, Curaçao attracts the adventure traveler as well as those looking to unwind and enjoy its perfect climate. Visitors to Curaçao will enjoy the more than 30 white sand beaches, 18-hole championship golf course, amazing dolphin interaction program, casinos and much more.

The annual Gay Pride weekend takes place over 5 days in late September – something that’s missing in many Caribbean islands, so people come from all around. There is no huge gay scene here, but easy-going, gay-welcoming smiles are found everywhere.

During the 5 days that the Pride lasts there are plenty of parties and activities you can enjoy.

Tucked between gray cliffs near the north western town of Lagun sits the small but peaceful Playa Lagun, this beach is known for its crystal clear waters and beautiful coral reef. The calm, shallow waters at Playa Lagun are perfect for snorkelers of any skill level, and there are facilities to rent snorkel and scuba gear.