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Lesbian and Gay Travel and Hotels in Ireland

Ireland only recognised same-sex relationships, civil partnerships, formerly in 2011, and while it is a relatively liberal country there are still challenges achieving full equality. However throughout the largely Catholic country you will find thriving gay communities and nightlife, not least in Dublin.

During the summer months of May – August cities across the country host their pride festivals, the most notable being Cork Pride at the end of May, Dublin Pride in June and Galway Pride in August. Alternatively check out Mr Gay Ireland in October or Alternative Miss Pride, in which anyone can enter, in March.

Dublin is certainly Ireland’s most gay-welcoming city with many gay bars and clubs to discover. While not on the same scale Galway and Cork, Ireland’s second city, can offer a great night out. The George in Dublin and Instinct in Cork battle it out as the best gay night out in Ireland.

Ireland has a lot to offer from small traditional country villages to the big bright lights of the city. The country famed for its potatoes, Guinness and music will certainly keep you entertained during your stay.

An easy country to navigate, you can explore Ireland’s rich history through its medieval castles, grand Cathedrals, lush forests, extraordinary coastlines and phenomenally green landscapes. Whether you like to travel by train, car or bike, its easy and safe to get around.


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