Gay relationships in China have been recorded as far back as 206 BC with nearly all Emperors noted as having had male lovers. The term ‘homosexuality’ has many meanings including ‘male trend’, ‘allied brothers’, and ‘the passion of Longyang’ referencing a homoerotic anecdote. Homosexuality in China has been legal on the mainland since 1997 though same-sex unions or adoptions are not legal.

Hong Kong celebrated its first gay pride festival in 2008, held annually in November, and Shanghai in 2009 believed to be in June each year. However as recent as 2010 police cancelled a gay pageant while in 2011 Chinese news widely reported that the country is home to a pair of gay penguins caring for a newly hatch chick.

China is the largest country with the biggest population and one of the most astounding collections of ancient history. The Great Wall of China is an essential visiting site as well as The Forbidden City, The Terracotta Warriers, Hong Kong or the nature of Jiuzhaigou Valley and the Giant Pandas in Chengdu.

There is a gay nightlife but at times it maybe difficult to locate. Both Beijing and Hong Kong have a busy gay nightlife, though it is likely that gay venues you find before embarking on your adventure have changed name or have since closed. There are numerous gay social groups that organize events at gay bars but many gay people in China live a very discreet lifestyle.

The best locations for gay bars, gay hotels and gay events will be Shanghai, perhaps the most sexually progressive city in China, where you may find the longest operating gay club called Eddy’s Bar as well as a number of gay discos, bars and karaoke clubs.