Beijing is not void of a gay lifestyle as it has tried to host numerous gay pride festival celebrations, called Jing Pride, in recent years often held during June or July. They are more a large party, often with a lot of international visitors.

While homosexuality is not illegal the gay scene is often underground and native gay Chinese live quite discreet lives, not being out to their family, friends or work colleagues. There are many gay organisations in Beijing that arrange events and parties, and this is often the way to meet local gay people.

It can be incredibly difficult to find the gay nightlife in Beijing, so if you can find a local who can help you, you will find a thriving gay lifestyle. One of the most popular gay venues in Beijing is Destination, a dance club and cocktail bar, which is busiest at the weekends. Other gay bars include SoBear, Crystal Club and Vinyl Café, however many venues change names or are closed down regularly.

Once you’re done hunting out the gay scene, discover the old capital of China through The Forbidden City built over 250 acres, or Tiananman Square, a place of political importance. Beijing’s Summer Palace was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998 and has a wealth of rich garden landscapes draped in Chinese architecture and design.

Beijing is home to over 100 museums, so it will be difficult to be lost for something to see. Search and book lesbian and gay friendly hotels in Beijing with World Rainbow Hotels.