Most Chinese cities boast one, maybe two, gay and lesbian establishments. Thankfully, the Shanghai lesbian and gay scene has flourished along with its exploding skyline, affording rainbow flag wearers and friends plenty of opportunity to argue over where to go on a weekend night.

The growing gay scene has contributed to Shanghai’s already vibrant night life in ways that was once hard to imagine. There’s even an epicenter: a trio of bars in the French Concession neighborhood known as the Gay Triangle.

In the not terribly distant future, we’ll be talking about the Shanghai club scene the way we discuss Sydney, London, San Francisco, or any other major international destination.

It’s a matter of when, not if. There is a new breed of stylish, creatively designed bars and lounges catering to Shanghai’s ever-growing, and ever-more-cosmopolitan gay crowd. Find a lesbian and gay friendly hotel in Shanghai.