Israel is the most open and equal country for gay people in the Middle East with strong support from its citizens for equality, which goes so far as to recognize foreign same-sex marriages but does not perform them in the country itself. The country is progressive on gay rights and the tourist board runs a dedicated LGBTQ+ travel campaign to lure tourists.

Tel Aviv is especially open and liberal with a strong, vibrant and thriving gay community and nightlife. The city has become one of the major gay metropolitans in the world and Tel Aviv Pride is one of the most colorful pride events and largest with over 100,000 visitors every June, that started back in 1993. Other gay prides include Jerusalem Pride and Eilat Pride Parade.

The country has some magnificent beaches that are adorned with beautiful Israelis who are relaxed, open and comfortable with their sexuality – the popular being Hilton Beach and Gaash Nude Beach. Again, Tel Aviv in particular can be a playground for gay visitors, there is no gay district, the whole city is regarded as gay accessible. Haifa – the third largest city of Israel, is also a busy gay location, here the mountainous region has some exquisite views and traditional Israeli culture.

Life is much more conservative and traditional in Jerusalem, and while there is not a gay scene like Tel Aviv there are events that can be found. Israel is rich in history; landscape and culture. Visit The Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth, for some pampering or immerse yourself in history and spiritual discovery in Jerusalem, find the Cave of Elijah to remember childhood stories, or The Negev desert that accounts for over half of Israel’s land area. Israel can be visited all year round.