Gay Travel Takes Cruising to the Road

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Gay Travel_on the road

Roads can be somewhat dull without a rainbow flag, so Gay Travel (http://www.gaytravel.com) has changed all that and is now cruising the highways with its very first GTCruiser. While it’s only in the USA at the moment, anyone traveling or residents can make a point to spot the vehicle as it cruises from city to city.

gay travel car

Emblazoned with the gaytravel.com logo on the side theblack Scion XB sport utility vehicle , Community Manager of GayTravel.com will be seen driving it about.

At times I feel like a celebrity as I drive through neighborhoods like Hillcrest. People are waving, taking pictures, and honking their horns, I am definitely having fun with it.

Joey Konecek said.

Having a car with such a graphic may not have worked a decade ago, said the founder.

When I started this business more than 10 years ago the idea of placing our logo on a company vehicle wasn’t even considered. Since we’re now living in such a progressive society, it felt like the right time. The car gets a lot of attention – both good and bad – which is what we expected.

said Steve Rohrlick.

Take part in the competition to Spot the car for a special two-night stay in San Diego. Just make sure you get a photo. For more information click here.

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Editor’s note: This competition is no longer running.

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Road image by MortAuPat via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)