Gay Travel Update: The Latest Greatest Articles

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We’re scouring the internet daily to compile a list of insightful articles for gay travel advice. These articles may give you inspiration, guide you on your travels or help you reach a decision. So get reading the best gay travel advice from our favourite gay travel websites and bloggers.

In this issue:

13 LGBTQ+ Must-Dos in 2013 

By Jim Werner, from fagabond.com, a LGBTQ+ travel planning website. Discover how the crosswalks in West Hollywood are dressed for coming ‘out’.

Your Season 2 Gay Travel Guru Winner!

From gaytravel.com, the gay travel information website.Learn about the Gay Travel Guru competition and our new guru, Bryan Kosarek and check out some of his work.

Gay Bar Guide: 5 Best NYC Bars To Find A Husband

By Joshua Hall. Traveling makes you relaxed to enjoy life so what a perfect time to hunt a husband, check out how to do it Big Apply-style.

The Berlin, Tel Aviv connection: why these two cities are so cool

Travel wouldn’t be worth it if every city was the same, and while Berlin and Tel Aviv are the coolest cities in Europe for gay night life, how do you distinguish between the two?

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