Global Gay Travellers – Part 1

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Personal insight is the best way of getting the right information depending on the type of traveler you are. This is why we’re documenting some of the most interesting gay travellers, writers, bloggers and media people across the web, who divulge their own stories of journeying across the planet.

Most of them are gay and lesbian, but a few heterosexuals might sneak in every now and again, just because we just love their content. This practical information shows you the hidden gems and experiences you can have during your travels. Personality fueled, these guys just love to shout to the world about the world. If you have any gay travel blogger, v-loggers and writers you’d like us to mention, please let us know.

In the meantime, before our next installment – take a look at these guys:
Journey With Janelle

gay travellers_janelle

She’s described as a documentarian. On video, photography, and writing, telling her passion to experience as much as possible and share the journey with anyone interested in being inspired and uplifted by stories that change hearts and minds.

Started life in Northern California, she moved to SoCal’s gorgeous beaches, her work has been featured on Lonely Planet, the National Geographic website, “Jewish Journal” and “GayTravel.com.” Janelle is inspired by the human stories that guide us and our generations past and present as we negotiate the inevitable obstacles of life created both by ourselves and nature.

Non-Breaking Space

gay travellers_non-breaking space blog

Left his home in Paris in December 2011, finished all work by April 2012, and left France for a journey. There is an initial planned itinerary, but any opportunity may alter it and make the trip a totally different one. With no job to return to, no deadline, nobody is waiting for him, apart from friends and family, his only limit is budget…

His point: wherever, whatever, whenever.

Le Big Jay has taken his voyage towards the farthest stretches of Asia, finding the gay culture and discovering the locals gay culture.

Matt Gibson

gay travellers_matt gibson

Matt Gibson is an adventure travel writer and photographer his writing and photography website was initially built as a portfolio for magazine and website editors that has grown into much more.

Matt-Gibson.org, the aim, is to create an entertaining and useful resource for lovers of travel and outdoors adventures. He’s forever chasing down adventures of his own, and interviewing some of the most out-there adventurists and travelers