Mexico’s gay rights are mixed, it has been legal since 1872 however only some states perform same-sex marriage, even though all states are obliged to recognize them in this Catholic country. Some of Mexico’s indigenous cultures have accepted sexual diversity in its culture. While Mexico is a magnet for tourists and equality has evolved there is still a level of homophobia in the country compared to similar countries, so the gay community is not as visible as most international cities.

There are a number of vibrant gay pride events in Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and Acapulco. Renowned for its glorious coastline, Mexico has a number of gay and gay-friendly beaches and resorts. There is a matured the gay nightlife in many cities including Ciudad Juarez, Monterrey and Guadalajara. Puerto Vallarta is the most popular gay destination in Mexico with relaxed sun and beach resorts accompanied by a thriving gay scene. Renowned for its gay beaches, Paco’s Paradise is a remote yet popular gay resort, of special interest to naturist tourists.

Mexico City’s more metropolitan outlook offers same-sex marriage and a more mature and sophisticated gay nightlife. Beyond the sun, the sand and the nightlife there is much more in Mexico to explore, pre-dating the Colombian discovery, the country boasts some of the oldest and most preserved colonies in the world. The mystical ruins of the Mayan empire and the former metropolis of Teotihuacan sit amongst vast desert and thick rain-forests within hot/dry and warm/humid climates. Mexico is a popular retreat between December and April, during the dry season try avoiding the tropical showers of the rainy season.