The Thousand Kyoto


    The Thousand Kyoto offers each guest personalized comfort infused with the wisdom and aesthetic philosophy of Kyoto, the millennial capital of Japan. A total of 222 stylish guestrooms, including 8 suites, are equipped with sophisticated interiors inspired by the traditional Kyoto house that are sure to maximize your comfort.

    The hotel also offers ‘The thousand Ways of Love’ destination wedding package for couples from around the world. We are honored to be an ally for all couples, regardless of their gender or sexualities, and support Thousand Ways of Love. We value the Love Story of every couple, and support them all in our constant efforts in making a Dream Wedding come true!

    Kyoto is one of the best destinations in the world for romantic getaways. With the thousands years of history and rich culture, Kyoto offers authentic and memorable experiences that you and your loved ones will remember for a lifetime!

    Indulge yourself in a peaceful hideout in Kyoto with a full compliment of our personalized top-level hospitality.



    • 222 rooms
    • 9 floors



    • Fitness
    • Jacuzzi
    • Restaurant
    • Room Service
    • In-Room Safe
    • Spa
    • Free WiFi


    The Thousand Kyoto boasts Italian and Japanese restaurants that bringing you joy, delight, surprise, the new essence of Kyoto and Its’ culture….through each and every dish, encapsulation excitement, its own story, experiences and feelings, we deliver the same to our values customers. Our cuisine offers both exceptional quality and ingredients from all comes of the globe, as well as Kyoto, for your delectation.

    At the Kizahashi Japanese restaurant, you can enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine in a calm setting with garden views. Scalae Italian restaurant offers a range of modern, fusion and innovative choices for and enjoyable and outside-the-box eating experience.



    570 Higashi Shiokoji cho, Shimogyo-ku

    The Thousand Kyoto is just a few minutes’ walk from Kyoto Station, city’s transportation hub with two railways and a subway terminal, city bus, and taxi stand. Convenient location makes easy access to explore the city!

    Kyoto station building complex includes one of the biggest department stores in the city, two underground shopping malls, and over 100 local restaurants/cafes.


    Out and About Gay Travel Guides are available at each and every World Rainbow Hotel. They are prepared by the concierge and staff at the hotel and aim to provide you with up to date information about the local gay and lesbian scene.